Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” Discover in BC’s Kootenays, where cannabis excellence thrives. Meet KQ Crystal Caviar, a fusion of Dark Matter, Cali Diesel, God strains, meticulously curated by Rasmussen & Mailer at Kootenay Quantum. With high THC, elevated by terpinolene, beta-caryophyllene, and alpha-humulene terpenes, it promises an experience beyond compare. Inhale soft citrus, alluring florals – exhale an invigorating memory. Buds, a marriage of green and regal purple, are compact, dense, adorned with a glistening tapestry. Each hand-manicured bud is a tribute to Kootenays’ perfectionist ethos. KQ Crystal Caviar transcends a mere product – it’s a testament to Kootenays’ legacy and artistry. A labor of love unfolds from hydroponic growth to final form, a dance between mastery and nature. Step into Kootenay Quantum’s realm, where passion and precision unite. Dive into KQ Crystal Caviar’s sensory symphony, a harmonious blend of nature’s bounty and human craftsmanship. Celebrate this union of wonder and skill. ”

a Reflective experience

KQ Crystal Caviar by Kootenay Quantum (Antidote) packaged on January 15, 2024, cost $73.22 for 7 grams with 26% THC 4.36% Total Terpenes and a sweet lime floral scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

Starting with a slightly rough inhalation session, the “high” starts with a wakey awareness growing with euphoric intensity.  Over the first 15 minutes, this KQ Crystal Caviar delivered a forceful euphoric transformation of Reality into a Cerebral Wonderland where everything is interesting and possible.   There is a Blissfulness in the background, which will get stronger over time.

In the great outdoors, Crystal Caviar delivered a crystal clear euphoric “high” for a Sativa experience.  Over the first hour, KQ Crystal Caviar’s “high” was a calm euphoric engagement with a smooth blissful energy.  This is a functional and enjoyable “high.”

Activity pairing is best as a SuperNatural coffee replacement.  KQ Crystal Caviar is an intense hybrid Sativa delivering a Blue Dream type of “high.”  A Reflective experience.


KQ Crystal Caviar by Kootenay Quantum (Antidote)

KQ Crystal Caviar by Kootenay Quantum (Antidote) is a new 7 gram Sativa offering from British Columbia.  For Sativa fans, KQ Crystal Caviar delivers a clear pristine mental awareness with a wakeful euphoric energy.

THC:  26.0%

Total Terpenes: 4.36% (alpha-pinene 0.56%, alpha-Cedrene 0.55%, Linalool 0.44%, alpha-Humulene 0.44%, alpha-Terpineol)

Quality: 9.4

Intensity: 8.9

Duration: 8.8

Total:  9.03

Cost:  $73.22 for 7 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  KQ Crystal Caviar delivers the quintessential Sativa “high” to boost Reality to a new enhanced level of consciousness.    But, there is also Indica effect with blissfulness as a prominent backdrop in the “high.”

On an investment note, the emergence of a robust alternative cannabis framework for micro-craft growers with dedicated Processors like Antidote, BC Black, Choklit Park and Joint Venture Craft Cannabis is promising.  We expect to see more Legacy growers enter the Legal market with this emerging trend.