Strain Integrity

From Rosin Heads, this Grape MTN x Tropicana Cookies Pheno was grown by Distinkt Cannabis  for this Dab Collab hash rosin.

Hi Fidelity “high”

Grape Mountain Tropicana Cookies Pheno Hash Rosin packaged on September 26, 2023, cost $56.44 for 1 gram with 74.88% THC 9.77% Total Terpenes and a funky rubber cookie scent.  Our test amount was 0.10 gram.

With an interesting flavoured inhalation session, the “high” starts immediately with a Blissful Fog dropping right on Us sedating mind and body entering Nirvana as the World recedes.   There is a narcotic Heaviness with a tranquilising and grounding effect to dispel all that is Bad in Life.  This is an Indica “high” in a “Hi Fidelity” mode.   Experience the difference.

In the great outdoors, Grape Mountain Tropicana Cookies Pheno Hash Rosin delivers a full on mind and body experience. For the first half hour, there was a momentary sense of fear with a complete disconnect from Reality and feeling “Everyone Knows” our Minds have Melted.  The “high” has the same intensity as edibles. Flying.

Activity pairing is best as the Main Event for the evening.  Grape Mountain Tropicana Pheno Hash Rosin delivers a mind and body Melting Indica “high” experience with the intensity of Edibles.  Hi Fidelity “high” experience.


Grape Mountain Tropicana Cookies Pheno by The Dab Collab (WeedMe)

Grape Mountain Tropicana Cookies Pheno Hash Rosin by The Dab Collab is a Hi Fidelity Indica “high” experience.  The intensity of the “high” is at a level similar to an Edible “high” but for a shorter period of time.  For those willing to explore Dabbing, the “high” is truly one of the most intense and rich in effects.

THC: 74.88%

Total Terpenes: 9.7%

Quality: 9.6

Intensity: 9.1

Duration: 8.8

Total: 9.17

Cost: $56.44 for 1 gram

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Unfortunately, the Live Rosin concentrate is a very small market and products can take a while to move.   While this Grape Mountain Tropicana Cookies Pheno was produced 7 months ago, the “high” is still intensely effective.  Since terpenes degrade, we would be more mindful in finding a product that is fresher.  Refrigeration helps.

The device used for this Dabbing review was the portable Yocan Orbit.  It is Cheap under $50.  But, the USB C charging wire did not work and had to be replaced with a USB C phone charger.  A 0.10 gram load requires several Hits to complete vaporisation.   Setting was at the lowest heat temperature.  Charge is good for about 3 sessions.

On an investment note, the biggest challenges to growing the Dab concentrate market are the requirement for new expensive consumption equipment and refrigeration for storage.  The Reward, however, is an unparalleled “high” experience with just one “Hit.”  Next Level “Highs.”