Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” Our Cold Cured Live Rosin Batter is a strain-specific, solventless hash oil made with 70-179u ice water hash and careful mechanical separation techniques. Using premium indoor, whole plant fresh frozen material grown to it’s full potential, it is frozen directly after harvest to preserve extremely volatile terpenes found in the living plant. This method allows us to capture a true representation of the strain’s genetics and how they were grown, with very little degradation to colour and flavour. The Cold Cure process naturally homogenizes the Live Rosin without heat into a shelf stable consistency that preserves a high amount of naturally derived terpenes. Strain specific, 100% solventless extract, without the use of chemicals, solvents, cuts, fillers, or flavour additives.

Deep Introspective Bliss

Dysfunction Junction Full Spectrum Cold Cured Live Rosin Batter by Percy packaged on February 29, 2024, cost $65.14 for 1 gram.  Our test amount was a big grain of rice size batter, or 0.06 gram.

From a cold start, the “high” starts immediately with a blast of euphoric awakening immediately after the 3rd Pull, which was also the best in flavour and volume.  Over the first 10 minutes, this Dysfunction Junction lived up to it’s Name delivering an increasing intoxication that is debilitating but completely enjoyable in a frightful way.  Intense is the “Operative” word.  Not for the Faint of Heart. This is almost at the same intensity as LSD/Shrooms.  And, that’s a Big Thumbs Up!

In the great outdoors, the “high” delivered a greatly enhanced Reality with deep introspective bliss and multi-dimensional sensory inputs for true 3D sound effects. With a blissful calm euphoric embrace, this Dysfunction Junction Full Spectrum Cold Cured Live Rosin Batter by Percy is taming the Sun.

Activity pairing is best as the Main Event for an evening with best friends.  This Dysfunction Junction delivers an Experience with psychedelic intensity and effects to create a memorable “high.”  Very Strong.


Dysfunction Junction Full Spectrum Cold Cured Live Rosin Batter by Percy

For those who never experience a psychedelic before, Dysfunction Junction Full Spectrum Cold Cured Live Rosin by Percy is a Psychedelic “high.”  Be prepared to be fully captivated by a clear multidimensional cerebral euphoric “high” rich with hi fidelity sensory awareness to Trip.  Mind blowing and with sedative effects.

THC: 66.59%

Total Terpenes: 9.7%

Lab: High North Labs

Quality: 9.8

Intensity: 9.6

Duration: 8.8

Total: 9.4

Cost: $65.14 for 1 gram

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Despite the cost, the real effective cost per “high” based on 10 to 15 sessions from 1 gram would be $6.51 to $4.34 per session making this a competitive option.  On a per session experience, there is No Way any flower can even get close to the Quality and Intensity of this Live Rosin.  A spiritual experience awaits to be shared between friends.

On an investment note, we would worry how this small fringe refrigeration and specialised equipment required to consume cannabis market can even survive.  But at some hypothetical level, Live Rosin may be the best way to consume cannabis in terms of the risk reward equation.