Strain Integrity

From Dymond Concentrate, ” Pink Panties Diamonds & Sauce is a special release between 2 of BC’s well recognized legendary LPs, Dymond Concentrates & Pistol and Paris. Pink Panties gets its name from the “pink” hue observed on the ripened trichomes. This strain is Indica dominant, consisting of a cross between Burmese Kush and Florida Kush. Once this strain reaches peak ripeness, it is cultivated and flash frozen before being shipped to Dymond Concentrates extraction labs where it is further refined into a caviar. This potent collaboration results in a deliciously gassy mixture of THCA diamonds and strain specific terpene sauce, created with the consumer being top-of-mind.

Live Resin Caviar by Dymond Concentrates

Pink Panties Diamond and Sauce by Pistol and Paris collaboration with Dymond Concentrate cost $40.62 for 1 gram.  Our test amount was 0.10 gram per Hit.

The “high” starts immediately and continues with Euphoric Blissful momentum.  With in a few minutes, a torrential flood of Euphoric Bliss created a mental and body paralysis for a Lockdown overwhelmed be the effects.  The overriding theme is IndicaVille with Panties in Mind.  Just an idea.

In the great outdoors, Pink Panties delivered a surprisingly functional “high” while enjoying the psychedelic effects complete with ultra 3D Environmental sound.  Over the first hour, the “high” was intense but functional with zero edginess.  Lucid dreaming is a mental state under the influence of psychedelics as the feel of Reality becomes sublime.  This is Lucid dreaming with Pink Panties.

Activity pairing is best in the evening as a Main Event before bed.  After 45 minutes, Pink Panties Diamonds and Sauce is an Indica rich dabbing “high” for a sedative pathway to a restful sleep.  For us, Pink Panties are the two most erotic words in the English language.  Use accordingly.


Pink Panties Diamonds and Sauce by Pistol and Paris & Dymond Concentrate

Pink Panties Diamond and Sauce by Pistol and Paris is an Indica heavy Euphoric Bliss “high” rich with heighten Senses and strong Time dilation for some exciting bedroom activities.  The Diamonds will bring the wakefulness while the Sauce will tranquilise.

THC:  78.63%

Quality: 9.6

Intensity:  9.1

Duration: 8.7

Total: 9.13

Cost:  $40.62 for 1 gram

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  This is a Live Resin Caviar by Dymond Concentrates and this is a Quality extract.  We have tried Rosin smashing low grade value cannabis and the results are nothing like this.  We just wish, however, the packaging was done a little better.

On an investment note, the art of making Extracts have improved a 1,000% percent from the Legacy days.   Live rosin and resin use to sell for $90 a gram.   Today these Live concentrates sell for half the price.  At a theoretical basis, Live extracts is the pinnacle of cannabis consumption experience.