Strain Integrity

From EarthWolf Farms, ” This cultivar is a gassy masterpiece from Humboldt Seed Company with the top terpenes being β-Caryophyllene, α-Pinene, α-Bisabolol, and α-Humulene.  To make this live rosin, trichomes from 73-159μ in size were isolated using ice water and then pressed under heat and pressure.

a CBG Fest!

Venom OG Live Rosin by EarthWolf Farms packaged on January 27, 2024, cost $42.83 for 1 gram of Live Rosin.  Our test amount was 0.10 gram per Hit.

The “high” starts with a hyper uplifting mental sensation accompanied by a flood of cerebral activation triggering a euphoric catatonic state.  Paralyzed in Mid Air.  This Venom OG Live Rosin delivers a clear uncluttered hyper awareness to navigate through the psychedelic landscape.  A Live Rosin “high” is a Hi Fidelity experience the Strain has to offer.  Nothing gets better than a Live Rosin “high.”  And, over indulgence is Not for the Faint of Heart.

In the great outdoors, Venom OG Live Rosin started with a clear uplifting sublime euphoric “high” before slowly becoming stronger overtime just like a Flower “high.”  Over the first hour, Venom OG slowly dial up the Bliss to Unshackle from Reality.   This is an outdoor Creeper “high” that will tranquilise and sedate for a slumbering endpoint.

Activity pairing is best as the “Grand Finale” to the Day.  This Venom OG Live Rosin delivers an intense energy boost before the Lights go out.


Venom OG Live Rosin by Earthwolf Farms

Venom OG Live Rosin by Earthwolf Farms is an energetic cerebral euphoric “high” delivered at a psychedelic intensity to enjoy the Full Spectrum effects of the Strain.  Live Rosin consumption when available will always be the Main Event of any cannabis celebration.  And, this is a CBG Fest!

THC:  64.33%

Total Terpenes: 8.33% (β-Caryophyllene 2.48%, d-Limonene 1.69%, α-Humulene 0.71%)

CBG: 4.78%

Quality: 9.8

Intensity: 9.2

Duration: 8.8

Total:  9.26

Cost:  $42.83 for 1 gram

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  If a Massive Disorientation is the goal, any Infused Pre-roll is the game.   If a Hi-Fidelity Full Spectrum “high” with deep rich Expressions is desired, Venom OG by EarthWolf Farms?  There is no artificial ingredients with solventless extraction and all the THC molecules have been nurtured to produce the best organic “high” experience.

On an investment note, the strongest “high” is from Infused Pre-rolls.  Infused Pre-rolls rich with deeply molested and ravaged hydrocarbon extracted THC while behaving differently do produce a more Intense and Disorientating “high” for a cheaper product.  Money talks.