Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” 1964™ Cured Resin is made from single strain flower, chosen for its flavour and potency. This product will feature a rotating selection of classic cultivars that have been hand picked for their complex terpene profiles. The result is a rich true-to-flower cured resin.

Euphorically Discombobulated

Cured Resin – GLTO #41 by 1964 (Rubicon Holdings Corp) packaged on April 22, 2024, cost $36.10 for 1 gram.  Our test dab was 0.10 gram.

The “high” starts with a euphoric memory wipe making Us forget that we are doing a review.  Copious amount of euphoric molecules flowing through our Senses produce intense intoxication to incapacitate and alienate from Reality.  Bang!  Super elevated and euphorically discombobulated.  Nice.

In the great outdoors, Cured Resin GLTO #41 starts with a Sativa uplift with a hazy ambiance just like a Flower.  Over the first 10 minutes, however, the “high” kicks into psychedelia with an Ultra fine tuning of our Senses entering a State of Heighten Awareness on an exploratory mission.

Activity pairing is best as the Main Event to start an evening.  Cured Resin – GLTO #41 delivers a rich Sativa “high” with debilitating effectiveness to enjoy Life.


Cured Resin – GLTO #41  by 1964 (Rubicon Holdings Corp,)

Cured Resin – GLTO #41  by 1964 (Rubicon Holdings Corp.) is a Head Banger “high” with mind melting intensity to completely disengage from Life.  Complete with psychedelic effects, this Cured Resin – GLTO #41  by 1964 delivers an intense version of the Flower “high.”

THC: 87.070%

Total Terpenes: 9.32%

Quality: 9.5

Intensity: 9.2

Duration: 8.7

Total: 9.13

Cost:  $36.10 for 1 gram cured resin

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  For a Sativa cured resin “high,” this GLTO #41 delivers the effects with forcefulness.    Cured resin extraction is typically higher in THC and is more intense.  Today’s Quality of hydrocarbon extraction is excellent.

On an investment note, Rubicon Organics recently reported Q1/2024’s Revenue of $8.9 million ($11.4 million gross – $2.47 million in Excise, tax right from the top line) and $1.89 million in losses.  The unpaid Excise tax account has been the cause of many, many, many Bankruptcy in the cannabis industry.  Unbridled Government Greed in progress ….