Starin Integrity

From Bud Lafleur, ” Strawberry Bubbles is a sativa dominant strain with a high THC potency made by crossing Mimosa x Strawberry Guava. Dense, chunky bud structure, sticky frosted trichomes, and dark green nugs with purple hues, Strawberry Bubbles delivers strawberry, bubble gum aromas with a hint of lemonade funk. The dominant terpenes are limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. Grown indoors in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, we hand harvest, whole plant hang dry, hand trim, slow cure a minimum of 14 days and hand package. ”

Good Vibrations

Strawberry Bubbles by Bud Lafleur (Cielo Verde Quebec Inc.) packaged on April 5, 2024, cost $29.89 for 3.5 grams with 30.79% THC 2.940% Total Terpenes and a mild strawberry hay scent.  Our test amount ws 0.26 gram.

The “high” starts with a growing happy attitude as the session progress.   Over the first 15 minutes, Strawberry Bubbles quickly dials up the happiness creating an uplifting mood enriched with cerebral imagination.  The “high” does feel very Airy, or Bubbly.  There is a Sense of Weightlessness, uplifting in spirit.  And, there is a bit of creeper effect as the “high” keeps getting stronger over the first half hour.

In the great outdoors, Strawberry Bubbles started with an uplifting mood and euphoric excitement amplifying the joy of a Sunny day.  Over the first half hour, Strawberry Bubbles’s effects increased in intensity delivering a “high” with strong uplifting Mood effects.

Activity pairing is best in the latter part of the day to start any festivities.  Strawberry Bubbles is a hybrid “high” with strong uplifting and sedative effects that can create a debilitating good time.


Strawberry Bubbles by Bud Lafleur (Cielo Verde Quebec Inc.)

Strawberry Bubbles by Bud Lafleur (Cielo Verde Quebec Inc.) is a new Creeper “high” to slowly crush Reality.  We are Fans of Bud Lafleur delivering enjoyable “highs” at a reasonable price.  And, this Strawberry Bubbles is a potent hybrid Indica “high” to slow the World down.

THC:  30.79%

Total Terpenes: 2.940% (D-Limonene 0.791%, beta-Myrcene 0.552%, beta-Caryophyllene 0.372%)

Quality:  9.0

Intensity:  8.7

Duration: 8.7

Total: 8.8

Cost: $29.89 for 3,5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Strawberry Bubbles’s “high” is all about the Good Vibes.  Similar type of Mood “high” are Sage & Sour, Pedro Sweet Sativa and Strawberry Mintz.  Good, good, good vibrations ….

On an investment note, it is interesting Barry Laxer, Founder of Cielo Verde Quebec Inc., on his LinkedIn does not list his past position as Chief Operating Officer at Cannara Biotech.  Competition is good.  And, this is Intense.