Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” Black Mountain Side live hash rosin, a premium cannabis concentrate that exemplifies the symbiosis of quality and craftsmanship. We meticulously select the finest cannabis flowers, grown with care and expertise, to create an extraordinary product that cannabis enthusiasts will truly appreciate. Polar takes pride in honouring tradition while embracing modern techniques. We use a solventless extraction process, ensuring a clean and pure concentrate that captures the essence of the plant without compromising its natural chemical structure. Through this innovative method, we concentrate the plant’s most desirable features, including natural terpene profiles and a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, resulting in a truly exceptional product. Crafted with passion and precision, this live hash rosin reaches a very strong potency.

Blissful Trippy “high”

Black Mountain Side Live Hash Rosin by Polar (Origami Extraction) packaged on May 7, 2024, cost $40.96 for 1 gram with 85.274% THC 8.51% Total Terpenes 2.30% CBG. The scent is a garlicky cake scent at slightly below room temperature and gassy petroleum scent in warm liquid form.  Our test was 0.10 gram dab.

The “high” starts with a tasty inhalation session and a sedative blissful hello.  Over the first very long 10 minutes, Black Mountain Side Live Hash Rosin powers Up the Senses with Euphoric Mental Misdirections and Blissfully Crippling “high.”  This is Peak Cannabis experience on Demand.  Glad to be alive in Canada.

In the great outdoors, Black Mountain Side Live Hash Rosin started with a Paralyzing Cerebral Expansion making just getting outside a challenge.  Over the first half hour, this Black Mountain Side Live Hash Rosin delivered a mesmerising Cerebral expansion against a blissful background.  Past the first hour, the psychedelic euphoric clarity slowly transform to a more sedative hazy “high.”

Activity pairing is best as a Main Event to an evening of chilling and relaxing.  Black Mountain Side Live Hash Rosin is a Blissful Trippy “high.”  Simply WOW.


Black Mountain Side Live Hash Rosin by Polar (Origami Extraction)

Black Mountain Side Live Hash Rosin is a tasty rosin with Transformative effects.  This is Cannabis “high” in a High Fidelity mode.  Hard to argue against a Live Hash Rosin “high.”  This is to be Experienced.

THC:  85.274%

Total Terpenes:  6.51%  (Limonene, Caryophyllene, Ocimene)

CBG: 2.30%

Quality: 9.6

Intensity: 9.2

Duration: 8.9

Total: 9.23

Cost: $40.96 for 1 gram Live Hash Rosin

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  This Black Mountain Side Live Hash Rosin lit up the Evening at 1 AM with a wakeful psychedelic euphoric “high” in our Burnt Out test.  At $40.96 for this Live Hash Rosin?  Absolutely yeah ….

On an investment note, Concentrates and Extracts are the solutions to the BioMass problem.  Extract producers sit at the end of the Value Chain increasing the value of Flowers by significant multiples without owning expensive growing assets.  From a business perspective. this is a good position to be in.