Strain Integrity

From Percy, ” Our Cold Cured Live Rosin Batter is a strain-specific, solventless hash oil made with 70-179u ice water hash and careful mechanical separation techniques. Using premium indoor, whole plant fresh frozen material grown to its full potential, it is frozen directly after harvest to preserve extremely volatile terpenes found in the living plant. This method allows us to capture a true representation of the strain’s genetics and how they were grown, with very little degradation to colour and flavour. The Cold Cure process naturally homogenizes the Live Rosin without heat into a shelf stable consistency that preserves a high amount of naturally derived terpenes.

Celebrating Canada Day July 1st

Garlic CKS Full Spectrum Cold Cure Live Rosin Batter by Percy packaged on May 31, 2024, cost $65.56 for 1 gram of Live Rosin Batter with 80.2% THC and a garlicky batter scent.  Our test amount was 0.10 gram per Dab at 490°F for 2 minutes.

The “high” starts immediately with each flavourful garlicky inhalation.  Over the first 10 minutes, Galic CKS euphoric and cerebral surge Lights Up our Senses with special body effects and psychedelic mental focus to disappear into thin air.  In addition, other Expressions include a Crazy Affinity to Music, happiness, warm blissful intoxication in a Timeless Space.

In the great outdoors, Garlic CKS started with a balanced state of euphoria, cerebrally refreshed and blissfully calm “high.”  There is a Sensation of Blissfully drifting through Reality watching the World go by.  This Garlic CKS Live Rosin “high” is not overpowering but rich with expression like cerebrally blissed to Cocoon in real time.

Activity pairing is best as the Main Event of the evening.  Garlic CKS Full Spectrum Cold Cured Live Rosin is a full meal deal that is a Satisfying “high” that should please the most demanding consumers.


Garlic CKS Full Spectrum Cold Cure Live Rosin by Percy

Garlic CKS Full Spectrum Cold Cure Live Rosin by Percy is a “Banger of a High” delivering a Hi-Fidelity Bouquet of Cerebrally Mesmerizing Euphoria blended with Narcotic Bliss to produce a Full Meal Deal for the Mind and Body.  Yes, this is worth trying.

THC:  80.2%

Total Terpenes:

Quality: 9.7

Intensity: 9.2

Duration: 8.6

Total:  9.17

Cost:  $65.56 for 1 gram

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  From 1 gram of Garlic CKS Full Spectrum Cold Cure Live Rosin, we could get 10 Dab Sessions for $6.56 per Session.  And, these Dab Session’s “highs” are the Best experience available from the Cultivar.  The effects comes on over 10 minutes with an intensity similar to Edibles but for a much shorter time period.

On an investment note, the success of Percy is validation of a Key principle of Economics, Specialization, to more efficiently produce goods.  Notable extraction specialist like Percy, RosinHeads, RosinStars and Sauce Rosin Labs produce some of da Best Live Rosin extracts in Canada.