Strain Integrity

From the OCS, “ Tasting just as it’s named; banana flavour that sticks to your mouth and leaves you with a sweet aftertaste. Every batch of Live Rosin is crafted with premium fresh frozen cannabis flower and strictly solventless extraction techniques. With our Signature consistency, you won’t have to worry about your extracts drying out. Our Signature Live Rosin is a proprietary creation from Sauce Rosin Labs that involves solventless THCa diamonds in a precision cold cure badder coated in a rich terpene sauce. To increase complexity in our flavour profile, we have chosen to use ice water hash with a micron range of 73μ-159μ. Live Rosin is a potent representation of all the efforts of the breeder, grower, and hash-maker that go into a product. Sauce Rosin Labs is all about channeling these efforts into a premium solvent-less extract that can be enjoyed by anyone. This product can be vaporized in a dab format for ultimate enjoyment. Please store in fridge, where possible, to preserve freshness.

Mindlessly Purposeful

Signature Live Rosin Banana Drip 73μ – 159μ by Sauce Rosin Labs packaged on March 26, 2024, cost $58.70 for 1 gram Live Rosin sauce with 71.958% THC 13.99% Total Terpenes and a fruity scent.  Recommended Dab Temp 490°F – 510°F.  Our test was 0.10 gram each per session at 490°F for 2 minutes.

A Live Rosin’s “high” starts with a civilised introduction to a euphoric awareness and a steady forceful increase in intensity for a Transformation.   Over the first 15 minutes, this Banana Drip launches into a Tranquilising Bliss and a “Falling in Free Space” sensation just like a Roller Coaster.  Euphorically enhanced Mental clarity and  acuity is part of this Psychedelic Ambiance to amplify enjoyment.  Intensity is at a Non Functional level.  And, Enjoyment is at Maximum level.

In the great outdoors, Signature Live Rosin Banana Drip started with an exciting euphoric perspective feeling uplifted and mindlessly purposeful.  Over the first hour, a growing sedation emerges until the mind and body is fully tranquilised.  On a hot humid summer day, the combined heat and the Banana tranquilisation created a knock out effect.

Activity pairing is best during the evening as the Main Event.   Signature Live Rosin Banana Drip by Sauce Rosin Labs is an Intense Indica dabbing “high” delivering a multidimensional experience.  Hi Fidelity experience.


Signature Live Rosin Banana Drip by Sauce Rosin Labs

Signature Live Rosin Banana Drip 73μ – 159μ by Sauce Rosin Labs is a Heavy Indica “high” that is both Trippy and Sedating.  Sauce Rosin Labs is a recommended producer by Live Rosin connoisseurs.  Yaba Dab a do!

THC:  71.958%

Total Terpenes: 13.99%

Quality:  9.7

Intensity: 9.1

Duration: 8.8

Total: 9.13

Cost: $58.70 for 1 gram

Would we buy this again?  Yes, for some adult entertainment in the evenings.  Sauce Rosin Labs is one of the premier Rosin producer.  And, Live Rosin is the Premier “high” experience.  Hi Fidelity “high.”

On an investment note, Cannabis Brands have established themselves and are shaping the industry.  On the Flowers side, Brands like Carmel, Simply Bare, BLKMKT and EastCann, to name a few, are now a daily staple for Canadian cannabis consumers.  Sauce Rosin Labs, RosinStar, RosinHeads and Percy are some of the established Brands in the Live Rosin market.  All we need now is the Excise Tax to be Excised so we can have an Industry.