Congratulations Canada!

Weed is legal and we can thank Justin Trudeau for delivering on a campaign promise.  I worked for Elections Canada on the 2015 Federal Elections where Justin Trudeau won.  I saw first hand the ground swell of support from young first time voters … a goth girl travelling two hours on the TTC to register to vote on a sweltering hot summer day … a long hair lad excitedly yelling to his roommates  in the house to register to vote … or the voter who ask at the ballot officer that the person she wanted to vote for is not on the list of candidates … thank you Justin for delivering.

There are a lot of things that went right.  Prices did not double or triple in one day like Colorado.  The online stores opened at midnight and we were ready.  In fact it was legal the day after Justin Trudeau was elected as evident by the voluminous stench of weed that permeates downtown Toronto the day after election.  Give credit to the police in navigating through the last few years over the legality greyness as entrepreneurs open pot shops everywhere.

We are just starting.  And, there is still a lot of fine tuning.  The legal online Provincial stores are having problems supplying the market at too high prices and too small volumes with too large packaging.  Legal possession of 28 grams is problematic for consumers.  If you are like me, I buy in half pounds of strains that I like because it is more cost effective and finding the right strain is not easy so I buy when I find the right stuff.   The largest quantity available at the moment is 7 grams, or a quarter ounce.  Looking forward to buying premium lbs from craft growers … hopefully next Spring in Ontario.

We are still caught in the prohibition mentality.  Common, not allowing Toronto police officers to consume cannabis when they are off duty? Serious?  So, there are adjustments to be made.