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Get ready for a epic adventure as CANNAANIME “EP.0 THE JOURNEY BEGINS” takes you on a wild ride into the world of cosplay,cannabis and anime


Join us for an electrifying in-person event at Tha Dankforth! CANNAANIME “EP.0 THE JOURNEY BEGINS” is the ultimate gathering and the first of its kind. Immerse yourself in a world where anime and cannabis collide, as we celebrate the start of an epic adventure. Get ready to experience mind-blowing cosplay, jaw-dropping anime screenings, and exclusive CannaAnime merchandise in our vendor market.

Don’t miss the FIRST event of its kind! Indoor consumption in the cannalounge IS allowed 🍃💨 so lets smoke, dress up and enjoy anime with like minded people.

What to expect at CannaAnime? We will be:
☆ Listening to anime music, best intro/outros
☆Tons of cosplay fun with prizes to be won,
☆ Play games and battle it out, including a special activity from the anime “Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler” – “let’s get our gambling freak on!”
panel discussions, Q&A on homemade cosplay / props
Anime Tattoos – an artist will be on-site !
Solo sword / prop play competition, let see those skills
☆Pilot episode screenings from different animes,

Dab Hit competition, rolling competition

Vendors from both worlds – Cannabis and Anime.
Photo / Content Creation section for cosplayers
Dignified Indoor Consumption of Cannabis products, no more freezing outside, no more hiding in the corner.
Everyone is welcome, hate will NOT be tolerated, cosplay is NOT consent. Ask to take photos, ask before you touch someone/ their props. This event encourages cosplay so we will alllow props;
>NO metal props will be accepted Plastic, foam, cardboard is allowed however security will be checking props and get the FINAL say on allowable props.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable journey into the realm of CANNAANIME! Grab your friends, dress up as your favorite characters, and let the adventure begin!

Stay tuned on our Instagram page: @CANNAANIME