Solar Power


“Solar Power by Symbl is a Sour Kush–like strain grown indoors in Paris, Ont., that’s known for its dense green and yellow buds. This true hybrid smells of lemon and pine, with a taste that includes tangy citrus, earthy wood and hints of diesel, all created by a terpene profile that includes musky myrcene and citrusy limonene. It has strong THC potency, and Symbl says it induces relaxed, euphoric, creative, tingly and/or happy feelings and may also encourage appetite. It’s available in various dried flower sizes.”

Quality of high: 6.5/10

SMBYL is an Paris, Ontario, based producer.

The high is more sativa with a good dose of uplifting happiness.  While there is a bit of creativity from the sour diesel dna, the kush effect tends to contribute a bit of haziness.  You can work on cerebral tasks but there are other strains better for creative output.  A pure Sour Diesel is a better strain for creative work.