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July 2024

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The challenges in reviewing strains

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug and your state of mind is important.  Your state of mind affects your experience with cannabis and plays a big role in shaping “the high” experience.   As a result, an individual may experience different effects from the same strain at different times.  By different, it is the intensity of the high and the subtlety of the high as in degree of euphoria or relaxation.  Our strain review of each strain is the result of several trials over a week.

The description of the effects of each strain is from Leafly, a Wikipedia of cannabis.  This is a new industry and strain integrity is a big issue in the grey market.  One of the benefits from legalization is the ability to create a framework to recognize and track old and new genetics providing consumers exactly what they want and what they are getting.  For our purpose, the strain review focuses on strain integrity which equates to a quality measure, intensity and duration.

Quality is a measure of the how close the effects are to the benchmark provided by Leafly.  Intensity is the measure of how strong the effects are.   For example, if you are having a problem interacting with people, or just having problem acting normal, after inhalation, the intensity is a high number.  Duration is rated an 8, or higher, if the experience is at least two hours.

Reviewing Protocols

Each strain is tested several times over a variety of conditions and times of the day.  The strain is consumed by inhalation with both vape and joints as the high experiences are different.


Each strain is measured for intensity, the key characteristics of the high (happy, euphoric, focus, etc…), the length of the high and how it ends  in terms of soft or hard landings.


Based on the strain’s expression of the key effects using Leafly’s strain description as the benchmark, we evaluate the quality.   A score is also given for intensity and duration.  The total score is the average of the three measures.

It is note worthy for the reader the fact that cannabis affects on each individual can be unique.  Some people should not get high because cannabis for them can trigger depression.  Cannabis can have negative effects for some people is a cautionary note worth paying attention to.  Our ratings are more suitable for daily users.

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